ABBA revival from ITALY

Evropa, ITALY

Clothing changing and Abba-Style coreographies surround the great success of the band that has marked the history of pop music.

ABBAdream is a real phenomenon: 10000 friends on Facebook and the band's fans who comes to revive the emotions through unforgettable songs.

Don’t miss this fantastic show celebrating the unforgettable Agnetha, Frida, Benny & Bjorn. They have been delighting audiences performing ABBA’s wonderful music in their own fun and unique style. ABBAdream performed all over the Italy with many sold out theatrical concerts in Milan, Padova, Bologna, Torino.

The show is renowned for its musical excellence, authentic voices and original costumes, together with great performances on stage. This is the most entertaining tribute to Abba.

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Nezávazná poptávka – ABBA revival...ABBA DREAM